Baba Farid’s Tomb

Baba Farid's Tomb

Baba Farid’s Tomb is a popular tourist attraction in the city. The temple is made of white marble with two gates, which are located to the east and north respectively, called the Noori Darwaza and Bahishi Darwaja respectively. Bahishti Darwaza is made of silver and decorated with floral decorations. It is a miraculous place. A large number of people visit the Baba Farid’s tomb to seek the blessings of the great Sufi saint. The complex also has a large mosque and a small area for women. The tomb shines brightly during the night and time throughout the year for visitors. Mahfil-e-Sama is held every Thursday evening outside the mausoleum where qawwals from different parts of the country participate and entertain the crowd. Hundreds of people attend this grand evening.

The city of Faridabad is famous as Baba Farid. The city is entitled to the name of Baba Farid. Baba Farid’s tomb is a huge attraction in the city of Faridabad. This Amar Samadhi of Baba Farid is crowded with devotees every season of the year. Pilgrims visit here in the hottest months of January, February, and July, the coldest months of July. The pilgrims do not think about the bad weather or conditions throughout the year, devotees come here and salute at Baba Farid’s tomb. Baba’s residence was known as a famous Sufi saint. This place is known as the most important place in Faridabad. The locals of the city Faridabad believe that Baba Farid found Faridabad. His tomb is the first place to visit as soon as he enters the city. It is the most visited place not only by tourists but also by locals.